How to?

How do I participate in this scent project about New York?

There are some limits to keep in mind!

- Only share videos about the aim of this olfactory art project! The purpose of this website is to tell how New York smells for you and what's your favorite scent. Nothing else!

- Videos may not be longer than +/- 30 seconds. They must only focus on the smell of NY and your favorite scent. 30 sec. looks short but is certainly long enough for the aim of this smell project.

- We would appreciate to use the video stills with the white text on the black background to keep this project uniform. You can download them via these image links. Click on the image and the image will appear in a lightbox. Under the image you find a download link.


Upload your video to your own youtube or vimeo account and share the link via the contact form in this website. We check your video link and if all limitations are fine we will share your video with your link on the website. Be sure that the video link you've send is from you and not from someone else.