'NY Smells Like' is an olfactory art project by the artist Peter de Cupere.

washingtons birthday In February 2013 I was in New York for the 101th CAA College Art Association Conference where I participated in the Olfactory Art Symposium in the Hilton Hotel. On Monday February 18th it was Presidents' Day (Washington's Birthday) and the museums were closed. It was 19.4 F (-7 C) and I was walking in the city and wondering how New York smells. It was to cold to explore the scents of the city, so I decided to take my camera and go to ask it to New Yorkers and visitors to the city how New York smells for them. Every time I had visit NY it was in winter and the smells of the city are not so pronounced because of the cold temperature. I had some thoughts about the NY city smell but was curious how it would smell to the great people of New York.

After one year I decided to make this website where I've post all the videos and where people can participate by  sending their experience with the smell of this wonderful city.

The project will go on until time will makes it disappear or the nose is getting to full of stuff to do.

I hope you like it and feel free to participate to this scented project, because it's so beautiful how people explore their city through their nose and I want to share this with everyone.

My best scent greetings,



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